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Eyelash lift

Eyelash lift


The eyelash lift is a permanent made with mini curlers stuck on the eyelid to re-curve the eyelashes, which tend to lower.


The products used are specially designed for the delicate eye area. This treatment lasts approximately 6 weeks and can be repeated after this same period. 



Eyelash lift       

(permed)                Fr.  60.-


Eyelash tinting               Fr.  20.-

Eyebrow tinting            Fr.   18.-

Eyelash + eyebrow tinting            Fr.  34.-


Eyelash lift and tint     Fr.  75



Treated areas

- Volumize the lips and sags of the face,

- Fill wrinkles:

  nasolabial folds, 

  lion's wrinkle,

  folds of bitterness (puppet wrinkle),

  wrinkles above the mouth called smoker's wrinkles

- Smooth and moisturize the skin of the face, neck and décolleté


- Antibiotic treatment, roacutane

- Anticoagulant, cortisone 

- Acute or chronic skin diseases in 

  the area where the surgery is to be performed

- Active infection or inflammation in the area

  injection (cold sores, acne)

- Hypersensitivity to one of the constituents of

  filling preparation

- Pregnancy and breast feeding

- Active systemic autoimmune reactions

- Not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  during treatment

Before treatment

Remember to hydrate yourself well the day before and the day of the treatment. One and a half to two liters per day.

After treatment

- For 12 hours no intense exercise.

- Herpes may appear (if already had).

- The same day avoid hot drinks.

- For 1 week, avoid high temperatures

  extremes (Sauna) and tanning.

- Do not smoke for 4 hours following the


- Do not wear makeup for 24 hours after

  the treatment


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