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It is a semi-permanent, hair-to-hair tattoo technique. This technique allows more than natural results.

Whether it is a complete restructuring or a means of giving intensity to sparse eyebrows, microblading allows, thanks to a very precise calculation of proportions and taking into account the dimensions of the face as well as the needs and desires of the client, a natural and personalized result.


The color of the pigments are chosen according to the skin and the color of the hair / hair. The pigments are deposited between the dermis (deep layer) and the epidermis (superficial layer of the skin) thanks to a small "blade" made up of small needles. This instrument is used manually and is for single use.

It is a semi-permanent tattoo, so the lifespan may vary, it will depend on each person's skin.


In general, you will be able to observe a beginning of lightening between the 6th and the 12th month.


Retouching is essential within 4-6 weeks after the treatment in order to obtain a good result.





Le microshading a pour but de produire un effet d’ombrage semblable à celui du crayon à sourcils. Les pigments sont insérés sous forme de minuscules points aux contours fondus. C’est une technique qui permet de redessiner la ligne, de combler les manques tout en apportant de l’intensité au sourcil. Il apporte un rendu poudré.

Les deux techniques microblading et microshading peuvent être associées pour obtenir un sourcil parfait. L’association de ces deux techniques est appelée powderblading ou sourcils mixtes.

Before treatment

Remember to hydrate your skin well the days before the treatment.

Come as far as possible cleansed

After treatment

- The first hours dab

   regularly using a handkerchief to

   absorb the liquid that will create the crust.

- Day 1 to 5 put the equivalence of a grain

   of care cream rice spread over the

   two eyebrows 3 times a day.

- Day 1 to 7 no hot water in the area,

   no sauna or hammam

  - you can wash morning evening with       cold water

  - Do not use soap or products  


- Do not scratch the treated area

- No direct sun for 15 days 

- No pool, beach for 7 days


  • Pregnancy

  • Feeding with milk

  • scars

  • allergies


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